Spectacular Skomer

Skomer photography workshops

Spectacular Skomer

The island Of Skomer is one of the largest off the west coast of Wales and is so beautiful in spring and summer with its tall bluebells, red campion and white flowers covering the island in a carpet of colours. Come and join me on these one day trips to see the beautiful wildlife this island has to offer and our main aim is to get some stunning pictures of Puffins with almost 6,000 breeding pairs last year on the island.

On my many visits to this wonderful island over the years I found some of the best places to photography these ‘Clowns Of The Sea’ and the images can be seen on this page, I’ve captured some beautiful courtship displays and Puffins reinforcing their bonds with each other, Puffins locked in fairly harmless combat, rolling around and down slopes with each other, moments I was privileged to see and capture.

Off shore we will watch out for Gannets, Dolphins, Porpoises’ and seals that fish these rich waters. Choughs and many more seabirds nest along the coastal cliffs also, there are Short-Eared Owls on the island too and I will show you these and all the other places on the island to get you the best images possibly from your trip.

I will be on hand to help you with any assistance you require during your trip with me, and I’ll show you what to look out for in the Puffin’s behaviour so you can hopefully capture these intermit moments.

The island is home to rabbits in great numbers, handsome Herring gulls and Greater/Lesser black-backed gulls populate the middle of the island so there is something for everyone on this beautiful island of Skomer. There is a fair bit of walking on Smoker so a general level of fitness is required with walking boots being a must.

Skomer is owned/run by the Welsh Wildlife Trust and boats trips go from Martin’s Haven and take around 20 minutes, we will catch the earliest boat and have around 5-6 hours on the island, there are no refreshments on the island but there is a toilet situated in the centre of the island. Included in the cost of these one day workshops is,a packed lunch and hot/cold drink.

I will go through the correct camera settings, simplifying anything that you don’t understand. I will also show you important fieldcraft advice and tips that you can take away with you and implement yourself, improving and increasing your overall photographic opportunities and in turn your own images.


Fitness Level

These one day workshops will involve short walks and will not present you with any difficulties. Waterproof walking boots are essential.

Recommended Kit

You will need to provide your own photographic equipment, a 300mm to 500mm lens will be ideal for this trip. A tripod is a must, and the landscape of Skomer will give you many beautiful opportunities to capture its beauty so bring a wide-angle if you have one.

Additional Information

Skomer’s weather is a mixture of sunshine and showers so bring appropriate clothing and footwear with you, and a layers system will be the best, wearing several layers to keep you warm, then a windproof/waterproof jacket and trousers are a must. If we cannot cross due to bad weather on the day of the workshop then I re-book you for another day.



Email for Dates 



£400.00 per day, per participant – 1 to 1 ratio

£200.00 per day, per participant – 1 to 2 ratio


The price does not include your boat crossing fee and landing cost on the island.

Meeting Place for the trip will be Martins Haven (2 miles) from Marloes,South Wales.

All dates/days are flexible, should the dates or days stated not suit you then please email me with your alternative date/day(s)

Discounted rates for more than two people and groups of up to four participants are available, email me for more details.

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