Craig Jones captures the beauty of the natural world with his creative and emotional attachment to nature at the very heart of each photo, creating a unique and artistic reflection of his time in the field. Craig is an open & honest ethical wildlife photographer

Birdwatchers Glastonbury

I’ve just returned from this year’s Birdfair, dubbed the birdwatcher’s Glastonbury it takes place at the Rutland Water Nature Reserve, Rutland.

The Kay Burley Show

I was invited onto the Kay Burley show as part of sky news recently. Talking about wildlife photography trips, tourism, ethics and the demand placed on wildlife by those that put money before ethics. Every single person that places their feet in anot...

Hen Harrier Day 2019

This year’s Hen Harrier Day 2019 was organised by Wild Justice, with Severn Trent Water, at Carsington Water in Derbyshire. The event was set up in 2014 to celebrate this beautiful bird and highlight the ongoing illegal persecution that it faces on g...