Craig Jones captures the beauty of the natural world with his creative and emotional attachment to nature at the very heart of each photo, creating a unique and artistic reflection of his time in the field. Craig is an open & honest ethical wildlife photographer

Welcome Back

Redstarts and Pied Flycatchers are two of my favourite summer visitors to our shores. When these birds arrive I know our summer is just round the corner. They travel all the way from North Africa to raise their family in a beautiful part of the Peak...

Vote for New Big 5

The New Big 5 project is an international initiative to create a New Big 5 of Wildlife Photography, rather than hunting. Shooting with a camera, not a gun.  It’s a message backed by more than 100 world-leading photographers and conservationists inclu...

Out of Africa

The Pied Flycatchers are back from Africa, as the British countryside is bursting with life and beauty now.