Craig Jones captures the beauty of the natural world with his creative and emotional attachment to nature at the very heart of each photo, creating a unique and artistic reflection of his time in the field. Craig is an open & honest ethical wildlife photographer

The Modern Mann-Nature, Nurture

I did an interview not so long ago with Olly Mann for the Modern Mann series of podcasts. It was to help and inspire people from all backgrounds to embrace nature into their lives and to never give up.

Dawn and Dusk

Dawn and Dusk are your best friends as a wildlife photographer, once you understand this and what happens at these times of the day it will change how you think within your own wildlife photography. It will also improve your own images , fieldcraft a...

Fieldcraft & Respect

Winter is a testing time for all living animals, always remember when working with wild animals they come first and the last thing you want to do is to impose yourself to quickly or scare the animal you’re wishing to photograph. It’s also very import...