Testimonials for "Snow Leopard Expedition 2021"

I cannot thank Craig enough for the experience he has provided during my time in the Himalayas. From the instant I met him he was such an intelligent, kind and knowledgeable guy and has taken an enormous amount of time and careful planning to put together an unforgettable trip of a lifetime. The Rumbak Valley in which we spent most of our stay here was surrounded by pure beauty, but it was very cold, with temperatures dropping as low as -28 at night but during the day when the sun was shining it did reach about 5 degrees, which was pleasant. The food we received and the care up on the mountains was outstanding, our guides were unmistakably the best of the team, we couldn’t have done what we have without them. We were extremely lucky as we came across 2 snow leopards within 3 days of one another and the array of wildlife in-between was spectacular, but throughout this entire trip Craig was beside me helping me with my camera settings, any problems or queries I had he would be helping me instantly and I could see a huge difference in my pictures. The knowledge I have come away with has been more informative than a 6-week photography course I did. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone who doesn’t mind being cold and doesn’t mind being immersed in some of nature’s finest work. 

Thank you Craig

– Kat Deeley, Australia

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