General Talks

General Talks

Breathtaking wildlife captured through Craig's lens.

Craig is a passionate wildlife photographer, an experienced expedition and workshop leader, who runs his own photo tours to many places throughout the UK and further afield around the world.

He’s available for talks covering a wide range of topics showing his beautiful images along with some moving music that is all geared to take you on a beautiful journey into the natural world. He has also done talks about the effects of palm oil on Sumtran Orangutans, an animal very close to his heart. Click here to see one ‚trip to Lisbon talking about this very issue.

Previously he has given talks and lectures at the Natural History Museum, in London, Nat Geo WILD, Calumet UK, The Green party,  Chester Zoo, The BritishBirdfair,  Birdfair 19,  WAVES conservation,  Portugal WEX Photo;Video, The Photography Show, Pensthorpe Bird & WildlifeFair, WWT Wetland Centre and a variety of county wildlife trusts, photographic societies, charities and groups. He also gets invited to Universities to show his work and what’s behind his passion to students of the Photographic world.

His beautifully illustrated talks show the amazing beauty captured with his camera, captured with his heart then projected through his eye. During a talk, he will not only cover many aspects of natural history, but depending on subject, will also bring in elements of conservation and these will be broken up with stories from his extensive travels.

A typical talk consists of an illustrated talk most of which are set to beautiful music, that last around 1 hour or more, plus Q&A from the audience. In addition there is a montage of Craig’s favourite wildlife and latest work from around the world which concludes his talk.

He is directly involved with many charities helping the wildlife around the globe with sales of his outstanding images. From Barn Owls-Barn Owl Trust Sumatran Orangutans -Tigers. His talks will cover these amazing animals from his recent and ongoing work with them. 

Craig is very open and honest about his work and in the way he works. His images represent an event that occurred in the wild something that he witnessed and recorded with his camera. Craig’s skill lies in interpreting and presenting this in a way that invokes beauty, mood and emotion with each moment captured.

Craig cares deeply for the natural world and his images reflect his amazing respect, love and passion for all living animals. Any questions, help or advice you need, time permitting then please just ask.

As a responsible photographer of wildlife he always put the welfare of the subjects and care of the environment above any photography he takes. Knowing and accepting you are a visitor in their world makes for a better encounter and in return a more realistic image of that beautiful moment you saw and captured with your camera.

Examples of Talk/lecture titles are outlined below. Other titles are available by request. Please contact Craig to discuss you requirements.

Conservation Talks- Craig talks through some of his work helping conservation projects around the world and here in the UK

Best of British - Witness some of the amazing wildlife we have here in the UK

Land of the Snow Leopard - Trekking in the Indian Himalayas in search of the Snow Leopard 

The Art Of Seeing -Learn how to see and capture true beauty with your images

Dawn till Dusk - A Journey from first light to last light

Wild and Free - Images from the wild and showing you how to work more ethcally.

Norfolk’s Spring Tides -Witness this powerful and amazing event

Tigers Of India - Mothernatures most beautiful animal through Craig's work

Magical Madagascar -The stunning wildlife of Madagascar

Key Elements To Wildlife Photography -Craig goes through these simple elements that will improve your own work

Fantastic Falklands -Breathtaking wildlife captured through Craig's lens.

Fieldcraft - One of the most important things in today’s wildlife photography

The Beauty Of Wildlife- Images showing the real beauty of wildlife

Sumatran Orangutans -Showing these great apes in their rainforest homes and also the effects palm oil is having on them.

First Contact- Images showing you that first contact when man meets a wild animal for the first time, and just how powerful and beautiful it is.

Beautiful Barn Owls - My love of Barn Owls goes back to childhood, this talks shows you just why I find them so beautiful.

No-Mans Land- Finland - This talk shows you some of the amazing wildlife that live in Finland, from Wolves, Bears to Wolverines.

If you wish to book me for one of my amazing talks and you live outside of the UK this is possible, where all my travel costs will be covered by those that book me and my fee is the same as if you were in the UK.


Talks are priced at £150.00 plus 0.40p per mile travel expenses from my Staffordshire home.



Craig,  thank you very much for a wonderful evening.Your love and respect for nature showed through your very interesting talk.

You gave our members a great deal of very useful information on camera settings, composition and lots of useful fieldcraft tips. We all enjoyed your images.

Thank you very much again.

Best Wishes

Penny Anderson - Epsom Camera Club 


A huge thank you Craig for your interesting and informative talk tonight and your fabulous images and films you showed us.


So many hours of work which has been much appreciated by our members.  We had 72 screens watching you tonight so that is brilliant, the evening has been a great success.


Thank again - FrancesDundee Photographic Society


Hi Craig

Just a quick follow up to say how well your talk went on Thursday. We have a few wildlife photographers in our membership and I’m sure they would have learnt a few tips. It might even encourage others to take up the genre. It was an excellent and enjoyable evening and maybe we will catch up with sometime when you are up in these parts.

Take Care and thanks again."

George Gray - Bon-Accord Camera Club, Aberdeen.


Hi Craig,

I just want to say thank you for sharing your wonderful images with us in Bristol this weekend. You spoke with such passion, particularly about the Peak District, which is an area that is very close to my heart. Your stunning images of this landscape meant I had to fight back the tears.

I live in the Peak District and have walked the hills for years but much of it is emotionally off limits for me at the moment for personal reasons. Your pictures have made me realise just what I am missing and your resolve in the face of adversity has made me determined to face my sorrow and get back out there, so thank you.

Keep up the fantastic work.


A fantastic, emotional talk Craig while showcasing your stunning photography. Was a pleasure to get a chance to chat with you later on.

Stuart Pike‹

One of my favorite talks so far. I've always admired Craig Jones and his ethical, beautiful photos.

Ryan Clark – BAWC Conference

What a fabulous talk we had on Tuesday by Craig Jones - Absolutely stunning images, and such an open and honest talk Craig was not at all backward in coming forward with his information and insights and talked to us about his ethical way of shooting and behaving when at work in the natural environment Thanks very much Craig we really appreciated and enjoyed your talk.

Nottingham and Notts Photographic Society‹

Thanks to Craig Jones for his beautiful & powerful imagery - reminding us why we are all here at the wildlife crime conference, Bristol.

Ruth Peacey

Really enjoyed your talk and video work Craig. The Barn owl captures was sublime. Stunning photos, compiled beautifully.

Niharika Rajput

Thank you so much for your talk at the WAVES event. It was truly a privilege and an inspiration to hear you speak so passionately about your work and experiences with nature. It was without a doubt one of my favourite talks of the symposium. Wish you all the best.

Alda Maria Gonçalves Portugal‚‚‚‚

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