Encounter With Seals

Photography workshops with wild seals

Encounter with Seals

The North-East coastline of the UK and Norfolk are probably the best places in the UK to photograph Grey/Common Seals. These places provide brilliant opportunities to capture these dramatic and spectacular events of nature at its finest.

Females arrive mid November and give birth to their pups, feeding them on a rich diet of milk and within three weeks the pups weight triples and these beautiful animals make the most adorable subjects to photograph . You will also capture males fighting each other, courtship routines and many more photographic opportunities.

Most of the time the seals are laying around on the sandbanks and with patience you can experience close encounters, great caution should always be shown as these are big animals and I will guide you to the best places without causing the seals any distress. We will move very slowly and carefully. I recommend using the longest telephoto lens that you have to give yourself that comfortable distance and at the same time capturing isolated opportunities of an individual to get the best images that you can.

At every point I will be helping you with any questions you may have and watching out for changing patterns in the seals and also the weather, so all you have to worry about is getting those all important images.

Before dawn we will settle down and possibly watch the sun rise to get those all important dawn shots of the seals, after which we will stay together as a group and photograph these beautiful animals throughout the day.

I will show you the camera settings; go through everything you need in order for you to get some beautiful images without impacting on the wildlife. By using the fieldcraft skills I will show and teach this will enable you to watch and see these amazing animals going about their lives without disturbing their lives

The wind and weather can be very challenging and cold on the beach, so several warm layers of clothing are recommended and a wind/waterproof outer layer is essential in muted colours so not to draw attention to you from the seals. Wellington boots with two pairs of socks are needed and two pairs of gloves in case one pair gets wet

Waterproof covers for your camera and lens is vital to stop the sand getting in, bringing a few bin liners as back up. In my experience a roll matt to lie on is essential as this will act as insulation for yourself when lying down on the sand and will also help you to achieve the best point of view and a level shot of the seals.

These one day workshops are run under the guidance and rules of the local wildlife trust that looks after this area. To see these rules please click here.

Fitness Level

There will be some walking but the going will be flat. Waterproof walking boots are essential.

You will need to provide your own photographic equipment, a 500mm lens is ideal but a 300mm with convertors will meet your needs. A tripod or a bean bag is a must. The coastline will give you many opportunities for landscapes so a wide angle lens will also be useful.


October - January - Email for Dates  



£350.00 per day, per participant – 1 to 1 ratio

£200.00 per day, per participant – 1 to 1 ratio

All dates are flexible, should the dates stated not suit you then please email me with your alternative date(s).

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