Fantastic Falklands

Fantastic Falklands

Fantastic Falklands - Breaktaking wildlife captured through Craig's lens. 

The Falkland Islands have a raw, unspoilt quality that provides one of the most unusual and spectacular wildlife destinations in the world, lying some 450 kilometres from the coast of South America amid the rich fishing grounds of the South Atlantic.

Everything about the Falklands is familiar and yet different, all at the same time. The islands are unspoilt and the people very welcoming, and the wildlife is incredibly unconcerned by the presence of man.

For many the Falklands are little more than a place somewhere down south where Britain and Argentina fought a war.  The truth is that beyond the well-known but tragic events of 1982 there lies a pristine and tranquil archipelago of incredible beauty. Where nature thrives in abundance and variety

The scenery is often reminiscent of the Scottish islands and there are many unique aspects to life in the Falklands, the islands are essentially British in character but a flavour of the South Atlantic exerts its own influence onto the islands. On this talk I show the beautiful and very trusting wildlife this amazing place has to offer. 

This talk takes you to the heart of this place and its amazing wildlife.


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Talks are priced at £300 plus 0.40p per mile travel expenses from my Staffordshire home. 


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