Testimonials for "Tigers Of India 2020"

I travelled to Ranthambore National Park in India on a photographic tour led by Craig Jones who I can highly recommend for this and any other of his tours and workshops. Not only is Craig a wonderful photographer in his own right, he is an excellent tutor and will offer advice and assistance whenever you need it. He is also a dedicated conservationist, working hard using his camera and his skills to raise awareness of nature and the need to protect the wildlife around us both at home and abroad.

– Alan Crawford , Aberdeen, Scotland

We have just returned from a wonderful first (but not last) trip to Ranthambhore in India. It's a really amazing tiger reserve and we had an fantastic time. Our guide for the trip was Craig Jones, and I need to say how much we appreciated spending the week with him, getting to know both him and the wildlife around us. He is a kind and genuine photographer. You can tell from the moment you meet him that he has so much respect and appreciation for the natural world, something we don't see shown so outwardly by everyone, let alone by all wildlife photographers. His enthusiasm is infectious too, even though this is his 9th year visiting India.

His relationship with the locals contributed greatly to the success of our trip - whether the forest guards who call to him as we drive past, or the other Indian park guides who pull us over to have a chat where Craig jokes around with them and forms the relationships that ensure a warm welcome and helpfulness from everyone we meet. The trip was excellently organised by him and we didn't want for anything throughout!

Jeep drives were entertaining with constant banter and debates over the ethics of photography which pushed us to evaluate and better educate ourselves on the role we play as photographers and the relationship the locals need to have to make conservation stories like saving the last tigers from extinction possible. (And this from people who spend a lot of time on safari all over the world!) Too many good laughs and happy moments, and of course our first and subsequent many tiger sightings which we had without tearing around like madmen like some people do (these parks are rough going). All in all it was an excellent trip and I can't wait to return. Craig - you know how much we enjoyed your company. See you soon I hope

– Laura Clarkson, Henley-on-Thames

Hi Craig Hope all's well with you and thanks again for a great trip. I've just finally caught up with processing my photos! Here's a testimonial as promised Having never been to India before I did some research and decided that Craig's trip to Ranthambore looked ideal. And it certainly turned out that way. Everything went very smoothly and our hotel was the perfect place to stay - lovely people, great food, perfect hospitality. The forest is a beautiful place to spend time in and the tiger sightings were truly magical moments. I had plenty of sightings in my six days and others were even luckier! If you want to photograph wild tigers in India then this trip is a great way to do it. Kevin Wood, London All the best Kevin 

– Kevin Wood, London

THANKS Craig another incredible wildlife experience Fantastic trip you did everything in your power to get us the best shots of tigers and we were rewarded by seeing tigers every day The hospitality at our hotel was exceptional great food wonderful company relaxed atmosphere lots of laughs. Everything was well organized and hopefully I will be seeing leopards in Sri Lanka with you soon. However chocolate will be banned in the future when I am stuck in a jeep with you for 6 hours lol 

– Wendy Futscik, Australia

What can I say Craig that has not been said before? Love the blog and India Images just keep the memories coming back. What a trip everything that you said happened. Great place to stay great company great food lots of great laughs and as for the drives and sightings of these awesome big cats it was just amazing. I am checking flights and working stuff out for maybe next year. Thanks Craig I just loved It. 

– Alan Seymour , Surrey

Both myself and my wife always talked about going back to India on a Tiger trip someday, after a workshop with Craig on Mull which I enjoyed very much, I later found out about his Tiger Trip to Ranthambore National Park, we had no hesitation in booking and looked forward to it counting down the days. From the first day I contacted Craig he always made sure we had all the necessary documents and trip comforts also advising on what kit to take. We were welcomed at Heathrow by Craig who was on hand all through the journey to Ranthambore for my many questions. On the daily trips he was always on hand to get you the best photos, F5.6 ISO 1000 etc you would hear from Craig just making sure I had the correct settings. I am more than happy with the photographs I took and without the constant attention from Craig that number would have been very little. Craigs knowledge of his passion and photographic knowledge made this trip an event we will remember for a long time. Both Anne and myself thank you Craig for making our trip very enjoyable and unforgettable

– Iain & Anne Sloan, Scotland

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