Testimonials for "Falkland Islands 2022"

I traveled to the Falklands on a photographic tour by Craig Jones of Craig Jones Wildlife Photography, who I can highly recommend for this and any other of his tours and workshops.  Not only is Craig a wonderful photographer in his own right,  he is an excellent tutor and will offer advice and assistance whenever you need it.  He is also a dedicated conservationist, working hard using his camera and his skills to raise awareness of nature and the need to protect the wildlife around us both at home and abroad.  You can see my images from the trip here

– Alan Crawford, Aberdeen

A year ago, I had made the dream to discover the wildlife of the Falkland Islands. I thus started to look on the web to find an attractive proposal at an affordable price for such a trip and I came across Craig’s photo tour which was appealing both content wise and cost wise.
Well, I must say that neither my wife nor I regret our choice. That trip was simply beyond our expectations: the wildlife is simply stunning. We were told everywhere to leave a 6 m minimum distance from any wildlife. It seems that penguins and seals are not informed about that! They were often so close that it was not possible to focus with my 300 mm lens. However, for my wife using a small camera with a fixed 24-70 mm zoom this was a perfect situation and has largely contributed to her enjoying this photo trip. It is really not the photo gear that makes that trip enjoyable.
The mix of places / islands we have visited during these two weeks was perfect with good accommodations and, another good surprise for our continental stomachs, the food was excellent. In that respect, the “macarons” on Carcass Island remain unforgettable!
Definitely, a photo trip that is worth the 500 km drive from Brussels to Brize Norton and the 18hrs flight from there to Mount Pleasant.
Thanks Craig for the good organisation. We are ready for new adventures with you.
Philippe & Annik, Brussels.

– Philippe & Annik Stalins, Brussels

Hi Craig Just a quick note of thanks, both Karl and I really enjoyed the Falklands trip and picked up some really good tips to improve our photography. The Falkland Islands trip was beyond our expectations with wildlife encounters that have to be experienced to be believed with penguins often too close to be able to take anything other than macro shots. The location choices were great and gave us ample time to get to know the wildlife so we could get the best out of each spot. Having previously had a one to one session with Craig we liked his open honest approach and this was evident throughout the trip. Craig was always on hand to provide advice when we wanted it and gave great insight into he achieved his images and how we could apply the techniques for ourselves. Id highly recommend this trip or a one to one session with Craig as his lifelong love of wildlife is clearly evident and you will take away a wealth of tips and techniques to improve your photography. Thanks Ingrid & Karl 

– Ingrid & Karl, London

Craig Jones - Falkland Islands tour - A clients view An amazing photographic adventure in some truly remote areas only accessible by small aircraft and 4x4 vehicles. Stunning scenery matched by jaw dropping wildlife encounters every day. The weather amazed us all. Mostly very warm and dry with only an odd wild day, high factor sun screen was a necessity. Ive had a one to one with Craig two years previous and it was this that made me confident to book the tour not only for myself, but my wife too. I can see why Craig is ranked up with the top wildlife photographers in the UK. His images are amazing and it was great to learn the thought processes behind them. Exceptionally open and free with advice, both practical and conceptual. I believe everyone of the group, of which there were seven, grew as photographers and it shows in the images we brought back. Craig was always there when advice was needed but he never felt intrusive and let us use the help given to expand our creativity alone. Thereby creating our own style and not just reproduce his. This would have been easy for Craig just to say, stand here, these are your settings, now shoot that. But thats not Craigs style. Hed show us an image, say this is how I created it, this is what I saw and what I wanted the image to show. And then, if we wanted, wed trundle off into the wilds with our created juices flowing and shoot our vision. I believe where Craig differs from most are his background skills are directly transferable to his wildlife photography. His very strong ethics regarding the effect his photography has on the subjects. And his fieldcraft skills learnt from boyhood through to his army days to now. Finally, i find Craig, refreshingly honest and open for someone who earns a living from wildlife photography, there are no secrets. Both before, during and after the trip, Craig will always answer mails. Remembering the days he started out and finding a closed shop. With pros not bothering to answer mails. A sad but true reflection of life that Craig is not willing to repeat. Well finally to me. My images from this trip are completely different to anything I have before. Craig has a saying, 'there is always an image, you have to find it. And so true. I have learnt so much, so quickly. Some things cant be learnt from a book or a screen. You have to be there, feel the passion for the wildlife, the respect. Learn to think creatively. Standing with Craig, at dawn, on a deserted beach is my classroom. Thanks Craig. Kind regards.

– Stuart and Gill Hill , Cheshire

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