Barn Owl Workshops

Barn Owl Workshops

Gliding effortless over the farmland, always scanning the ground below Barn Owls are amazing to watch. Beautfulbirds that have captivated me from childhood with their sudden appearance, gaining eye contact with you for a split second then disappearing as quick as they arrived. They truly are the masters of this habitat, never failing to get your heart rate racing once they appear and go about the job they were so well equipped to do.

Barn owls mainly hunt at dawn and dusk but may sometimes be seen hunting even in the middle of the day, especially when they have young to feed or on the first fine day after a period of wet and windy weather. I will share with you techniques and best practices that will allow you to get closer to these amazing owls, increasing the variety and quality of your images.

Barn Owls have fascinated me since childhood and I know many good places to see and photograph this owl in Norfolk. I will be running these days each month in Norfolk which is a real stronghold for Barn Owls. I will pass on my expert knowledge of Barn Owls.I will go through the correct camera settings, simplifying anything that you don’t understand. I will also show you important tracking tips that you can take away with you and implement yourself, improving and increasing your overall photographic opportunities and in turn images. The day will last from dawn till dusk.

I will show you the fieldcraft skills I use myself which in turn will help you in your own photography. Its daylight hunting seems to coincide with the high-activity periods of voles which are its preferred prey.

I have many years of experience with these wild owls and I will pass this onto you and all help and guidance with your photography equipment also. Using what is around you to blend in is also very important with these owls as they fly really low to the ground offer and can be spooked very easily. I will show and demonstrate some key fieldcraft skills that will help you but more importantly minimise your disturbance in that given area.

I have spent alot of time watching and photographing Barn Owls over the years and the idea of these one day workshops is to help you see and photography these iconic birds among their natural habitat and watch how they hunt and go about their lives.

I will be running these days each month all year round, If you’d like to join me where we spend the whole day in Norfolk looking for and photographing these Barn Owls thenjust fill in the booking form at the base of this page.

Fitness Level

The walking involved will be over uphill, uneven terrain but mostly flat. Waterproof walking boots are essential. A reasonable level of fitness is required.

Additional Information

Norfolks weather can change and some of our locations are fairly exposed so appropriate clothing and footwear will be necessary. Waterproofs and camouflaged/muted coloured clothing is a must. Waterproof housing and lens covers are also essential to protect your equipment.

Recommended Kit

You will need to provide your own photographic equipment, a 500mm lens is ideal but a 300mm with convertors should meet your needs A tripod is also essential. The landscape of the Peak District will present you with many opportunities so if you have a wide angle lens then this would also give you a chance to capture some beautiful landscape images.

Group Size

1-4 people maximum


Friday 26th August 2022
Saturday 27th August 2022
Friday 9th September 2022
Saturday 10th September 2022
Friday 23rd September 2022
Saturday 24th September 2022
Friday 1st October 2022
saturday 2nd October 2022
Friday 15th October 2022
Saturday 16th October 2022
Friday 28th October 2022
Saturday 29th October 2022
Friday 18th November 2022
Saturday 19th November 2022
Friday 2nd December 2022
Saturday 3rd December 2022



£400.00 per day, per participant – 1 to 1 ratio

£200.00 per day, per participant – 1 to 2 ratio

£150.00 per day, per participant - 1 to 3 ratio

The day lasts from dawn until dusk.

All dates are flexible, should the dates stated not suit you then please email me with your alternative date(s)

Discounted rates for groups of up to four participants are available, email me for more details.

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