Private, Bespoke Wildlife Safaris

Private,Bespoke Wildlife Safaris

Bespoke, Private Wildlife Safaris

All Craig Jones Wildlife Photography group tours and more are possible as  custom made wildlife safaris which are led by professional expedition leader Craig Jones. Craig arranges and leads bespoke tours to all parts of the globe. Everything is arranged on an exclusive basis to suit your individual requirements

The beauty of private safaris is that you share with those you know, or it’s just you and your partner where Craig guides you throughout the whole time your with him. Where you benefit from an almost one to one experience amongst nature.

These custom trips are for one person right the way up to six people for any number of days and at a time of your choosing. With a private trips as this you choose when you want to go, at any time of the year. You choose how long you want to go for and as many days as you like. Larger numbers and the cost is significantly reduced.

The aim of all my tours is simple: to offer unmatched experiences that maximize opportunities to watch and photograph wildlife in the finest locations and to help participants improve their techniques and achieve the best results from their photography, irrespective of their level of experience.

I work with some of the best ATOL -protected companies around, that have been providing trips to some of my locations for many years. Working alongside these companies helps me with the logistical support I need on the ground enabling the very best experience for each and every client.


Places I offer these amazing private safaris too are -


India - Home of the Royal Bengal Tiger

Brazil -  Wildlife Of The Pantanal – The amazing Jaguars of Brazil

Kenya – Masai Mara Migration – The amazing event in nature known as the Migration

Madagascar – The amazing wildlife and diversity of this place will blow you away

Finland – Wolves, Bears and Wolverines its one of the best places in the world to witness these.

Sumatra – Home of the Great Ape-Sumatran Orangutan.

Falklands Islands – One of the only places in the world where the wildlife are so trusting and close.

Mull- Otters, Eagles, beautiful coastline Mull offers everything you can imagine.

Shetland Islands – This beautiful coastal group of islands with blow you away with its wildlife

Norfolk - Home of Waders, Barn Owls and much more all year.

Texel - A Spring bonanza of wader birds and others this small Dutch island offers some great birdlife

Greenland - The land of the Ice Bear and beautiful landscapes.

Finland - Finnish Lekking & Capercallie 

Indian Himalayas - Snow Leopard Expedition  


Recommended Kit


You will need to provide your own photographic equipment, a 500mm lens is ideal but a 300mm with convertors should meet your needs A tripod is also essential. The landscapes of the choosen place you choose will present you with many opportunities so if you have a wide angle lens then this would also give you a chance to capture some beautiful landscape images

A full gear and kit list will be sent to you on booking and Craig will go through everything you need in order to get the very best from your experience.

The cost of a private safari to one of these destinations is dependent on the number of clients per trip, the number of days and nights your require and approximate dates. For an extract quote please email me at

Craig Jones Wildlife Photography look forward to providing you with a professional and life changing experience.


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