Farne Islands Seabird Workshops

Farne Islands Seabird Workshops 

The Farne Islands are a group of islands off the north-east coast of Northumberland. There are between 15 and 20 islands depending on the state of the tide. They are divided into two groups, the Inner Group and the Outer Group. The main islands in the Inner Group are Inner Farne, Knoxes Reef and the East and West Wideopens. The main islands in the Outer Group are Staple Island the Brownsman, North and South Wamses, Big Harcar and the Longstone,the two groups are separated by Staple Sound.

Inner Farne and Staple Island are major sanctuaries in the UK for about 22 species of breeding seabirds, including Guillemots, Razorbills, Eider Ducks, 4 species of Terns and a staggering 70,000 Puffins. Also there are hundreds of seals here too along with a chance of minke whale, bottlenose dolphin and harbour porpoise.

The puffin is one of my favourite birds and there are few better places in the UK to see them up close than on the Farne Islands.  My one day Farne Islands Seabird workshops will give you a fantastic experience to witness and photograph these beautiful seabirds. The sights, sounds and noise of these islands is truly increable. 

In and around the harbour area if you’re lucky you're get to see one of the most beautiful seaducks we have here in the UK, the common Eider.  The males have striking plumage while the females are brown in colour. 

I will meet you at around 07.00am in Seahouses harbour, Northumberland. After meet and greet I will go through some camera settings and techniques so everyone is happy. We will then try and see if the Eider Ducks are around.

We will then board our boat and set sail towards the Farne Islands. There will be opportunities to photograph the seabirds on their cliff face habitats before landing on  each Island.

The trip departs from Seahouses harbour at 9.30 am and lasts approximately 5.5 hours and allows 2 hours on Staple Island in the morning and 2 hours on Inner Farne in the afternoon. This tour also includes a cruise around all the Islands to view nesting seabirds on the cliff faces and the Grey Seal colony at several vantage points. 

National Trust members land free of charge on the Island and for non-members there is a charge payable to the National Trust Kiosk at the harbour before departure (not included in the boat fare)

All boats landing at the Staple Island jetty are extremely vulnerable to tidal conditions. In the event of our skipper being unable to land on Staple Island we will continue to sail around photographing the cliff face colonies from the boat. The skipper’s decision is final. 

I will go through the correct camera settings, simplifying anything that you don’t understand. I will also show you important fieldcraft advice and tips that you can take away with you and implement yourself, improving and increasing your overall photographic opportunities and in turn your own images.

I will take you to the best places on each of the islands so you get the best experience of this amazing place.  


Fitness Level

These one day workshops will involve short walks and will not present you with any difficulties. Waterproof walking boots and clothing are essential.


Recommended Kit

You will need to provide your own photographic equipment, a 300mm to 500mm lens will be ideal for this trip. The landscape of these islands will give you many beautiful opportunities to capture its beauty so bring a wide-angle if you have one.


Additional Information

The weather is a mixture of sunshine and showers so bring appropriate clothing and footwear with you, and a layers system will be the best, wearing several layers to keep you warm, then a windproof/waterproof jacket and trousers are a must. 



Email me for 2022 Dates & Information 


£350.00 per day, per participant – 1 to 1 ratio

£200.00 per day, per participant – 1 to 2 ratio

£150.00 per day, per participant  - 1 to 3 ratio


The price does include your you boat costs to both islands. It does not include your landing cost on the islands. For National trust members its free. 

All refreshments and food must be carried onto the Islands. There are plenty of shops, pubs, cafes in Seahouses.  There is also ample car parking in Seahouses.

Meeting Place for the trip will be Seahorses Harbour

All dates/days are flexible, should the dates or days stated not suit you then please email me with your alternative date/day(s)

Discounted rates for groups of up to four participants are available, email me for more details.


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