Dippers Of The Dales

Dippers of the Dales workshops

Dippers of the Dales

My love of the Dipper started as a small boy as I watched them glued to the rocks amazed by their behaviour, over the years they have always brought a smile to my face with its charismatic nature , and bobbing or dipping movements which I’ve always viewed as the bird ‘Curtseying’ for you. 

I would like to pass on the respect and knowledge I have for these birds in these small one day workshops with only two guest’s plus myself. I will take you to the beautiful Valleys and Dales of the Peak District whose rivers support one of the best populations of Dipper’s in the country.

The Peak District will provide you with some excellent photo opportunities for landscape images too, with its open slopes, rocky outcrops and impressive waterfalls and weirs and I will show you the paths I’ve used and known for years to enjoy the beauty of this beautiful place.

Dipper’s forage for small prey in and around the fast-flowing streams and rivers of this area, walking down and beneath the water until partly or wholly submerged, this behaviour will offer you brilliant opportunities to photograph and capture this unique moment.

I will always point out during the day what to look out for, explain the particular action/behaviour so from the start you will have a better understanding of this bird so you can enjoy you time a lot more and truly see this ‘Master Of The River’ at work.

My workshop will be run alongside the guidelines set down by Natural England and the photographers code, where I will show you the correct fieldcraft and teach the right ways to see these birds with minimal disturbance, keeping a safe distance from key sites and in turn the Dipper will be more relaxed which in turn offers you this best chances to capture them.

I will show you all the camera setting to use, slow-Sutter speeds to freeze the water, show you everything I know to capture the images of Dippers at the same time being able to watch these amazing birds as they go underwater for their food.

Other species we will hopefully see during the day will be the beautiful Water vole which do really well in and around the rivers of the Peak District ,Great-spotted woodpecker, Green Woodpecker, Grey wagtails, and all the common British birds, stoats can be found along the riverbank also. Along with the stunning landscape photo’s you will not be short on choice on these brilliant and amazing one day workshops.

I will go through the correct camera settings, simplifying anything that you don’t understand. I will also show you important tracking tips that you can take away with you and implement yourself, improving and increasing your overall photographic opportunities and in turn images and the day will last from dawn till dusk. I will show you the fieldcraft skills I use myself which in turn will help you in your own photography.

Fitness Level

Most places will involve short walks, some over uphill, uneven terrain. Waterproof walking boots are essential.

Recommended Kit

You will need to provide your own photographic equipment. A 500mm lens is absolutely ideal, but a 300mm with convertors will be fine a wide-angle lens is a must also for the Landscape opportunities ,and a stable tripod too

Additional information

Appropriate footwear and clothing is very important, walking boots are ideal and muted/camouflaged clothing which is waterproof is a must due to the field craft skills I will teach you to help you enjoy and get the most out of your day to the very best.


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Group Size

1-4 maximum



£350.00 per day, per participant – 1 to 1 ratio

£200.00 per day, per participant – 1 to 2 ratio

The meeting place is Buxton, Derbyshire please contact me for further details or booking.

All dates/days are flexible, should the dates/days stated not suit you then please email me.

Discounted rates for more than two people and groups of up to four participants are available,email me for more details.

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