Tiger Tiger

Tigers Of India

See mother natures most beautiful animal through Craig's images.

My talk covering my many years of photographing these amazing and beautiful creatures in India. For many years I've traveled to India in search of Tigers and I have been very lucky over that time to have had some amazing encounters. The Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve is the single largest expanse of Dry-Deciduous Forest left intact in India.

Such forests were found all along the North and Central Aravalis but in the last few decades they have been badly degraded and right now this Tiger Reserve is their last strong hold. 

Just setting off in search of a Tiger is guaranteed to send adrenalin coursing through the veins, whilst every movement in the undergrowth raises the expectation of a sudden appearance of this animal, striped body, footprints in the dust or the warming cries of deer all serving only to heighten the almost unbearable sense of excitement as you watch and listen for the first clue that a Tiger is around you.

This talk takes you to the heart of this place and its amazing wildlife that live alongside the Bengal Tiger. 

Tiger Tiger were my very first words when I saw my first wild Bengal Tiger. 


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Talks are priced at £150.00 plus 0.40p per mile travel expenses from my Staffordshire home. 


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