BAWC-Wildlife Crime Conference 2018

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It gives me great pleasure to announce that at this years Birders Against Wildlife Crime wildlife conference in June I will be running my : “Working as Seen” workshops. Covering the law : ethics: and photography for those attending this two day event in Leeds.

Have you ever wondered:What do I do about this dead bird I’ve found? Is that snare set legally? Can they really photograph that nest? All these questions and many more will be answered during the workshops at the Conference on the 23 and 24 June 2018.  

At the last BAWC wildlife crime conference I was privileged to be  invited as one of the speakers. To read about this talk and the wonderful feedback I got please click here.

Wildlife needs protecting, and everyone needs to do more to make sure this happens. From a photography point of view alot of ethics and welfare is lost now in wildlife photography and you clearly see this in the thousands of staged or set up images that are out there. Big competitions awarding Fox and Badgers images where the animal was fed at a certain point and then blinded by flash or made to come to a certain area to “perform” for the photographer.

Owls and other birds of prey running towards the camera calling and showing signs of distress yet nobody even thinks to ask the photographer “How did you get a bird of prey on the ground running at you” in their rush to say well done and pump up their ego. I try to bring about a better way of working within this industry I find myself in. So many are using wildlife as a commodity to make money and some sort of living yet this is sending out a shocking message on welfare grounds and how we view and treat nature.

The list is endless and what we are asking animals to do in return for images greatly saddens me and it almost feels like a ship that is out of control and sheering itself on its own journey now. Problem is say something or try and mention something and those taking images like this defend there own, and join forces to defend their lack of ethics and integrity to their work.

To everyone that takes photographs of wildlife please just think of your own impact on that subject your with before you take the images please and if you dont want to do anything else just do this for the welfare of that creature that has no voice and wont be able to speak and report your actions.

Come along and hear Dominic Dyer, Geoff Edmond, Bob Hook, David Lindo, Ruth Peacey, Guy Shorrock, Ruth Tingay and myself. To book your place click here to be taken to the Birders Against Wildlife Crime website. I will be going through the law, ethics and some simple tips to help with your own photography, so see you there.

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