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Fieldcraft – Ethics

Filed in Articles, Photography Tips, Wildlife on Jan.09, 2019

Winter is a testing time for all living animals, always remember when working with wild animals they come first and the last thing you want to do is to impose yourself to quickly or scare the animal you’re wishing to photograph. It’s also very important to know that calories are burned off more quickly during the winter months so fieldcraft and respect have to be the first priorities of any wildlife photographer.

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The Societies of Photographers 2019 Convention

Filed in Events on Jan.01, 2019

This January I will be doing two masterclasses at the Societies of Photographers 2019 Convention and Trade Show in London. Both of my masterclasses are designed to inspire and show you how I work in the field and what’s behind my thought process and images. The title of the event comes over fancy and upmarket but trust me my talks will be very down to earth, honest with humour, passion and love for the natural world.

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